Monty’s innovative fertilizer coating.

 A humic-based fertilizer coating that will quickly and efficiently provide nutrient management benefits without inhibiting the activity of the soil’s natural bacteria. Humihance-N also provides all the natural benefits of Monty’s proprietary, activated humic technology to the plant and soil. It is ideal for use when blending all granular fertilizers, and is compatible with a variety of micronutrients and pre-treated fertilizers.  It can decrease nutrient loss, while increasing nutrient   efficiency availability It does not inhibit the activity of the soil’s natural bacteria It can help reduce fertilizer salt toxicity Can improve overall soil health with every granule Can improve organic matter conversion Can reduce soil compaction for better root development and    planting conditions Can assist with moisture retention and improve nutrient   uptake is non-corrosive    Contains 4% Nitrogen

Active Ingredients:


Total Nitrogen (N)  .......................... 4% 


4% Ammoniacal Nitrogen Derived From:

Ammonium Hydroxide


Non-plant food ingredients: 

Humic Acid  ............................... 8% 


Derived From: Lignite

GENERAL APPLICATION During the last step of the blending process, apply 1/2 gallon of Humihance-N per ton on the fertilizer. This product may be applied to fertilizer pre-treated with Avail®, NutriSphere-N®, or Agrotain®. For crop specific application information, contact your representative. Available in 55, 275 gallon – and bulk sizes.


Scotty City, KS

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