Total-Phos® is an N, P, K mix for planting and foliar applications. Use of our proprietary technology makes the nitrogen and potassium stay in the root zone longer and lets the phosphorus remain available to the plant for a much longer period of time.

  • Total-Phos is a low-salt fertilizer designed to provide maximum phosphorus safely at planting

  • Phosphorus encourages seedlings to develop more rapidly, increasing water use efficiency, and promoting early plant formation and growth


Starter 20/20 is a starter fertilizer that can be used on both sensitive and hardy crops. It is very high in orthophosphates, thus it is available for the seedlings to instantly reap the benefits of a starter fertilizer.

  • Starter 20/20 is a good balance of phosphorus and potassium ensuring the plant is getting a well-rounded start to producing yield

  • Starter 20/20 will allow for optimum germination and emergence

Concept-N28SR is a 28% slow release nitrogen specifically formulated to foliar feed plants for weeks.

  • Excellent crop safety for low burn

  • Feeds crop for weeks

  • Tank mixes well with chemicals


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