Foliar RX® is a specific blend of fulvic acid, micronutrients, enzymes, and other plant and biological stimulants to assist in overall plant health.

  • Increases plant health and nutrient uptake

  • Boost plant energy throughout the growing season

  • Decreases environmental stress

Foliar-K® is one of the highest quality, potassium products used in agriculture today. Its Lower Salt index minimizes crop injury.


Foliar-K® is derived from potassium acetate and is easily absorbed into the plant when potassium is needed.

  • Proper potassium levels in the plant increase drought tolerance

  • Helps protein synthesis - deficiencies hinder the plants ability to convert nitrogen to protein

MICROPAC is a liquid foliar fertilizer containing nitrogen, phosphorus, potash and all of the minor elements needed to increase yield and keep crops healthy. The trace elements are chelated with EDTA to facilitate ease of absorption and utilization.

MICROPAC key ingredients are manufactured with the highest quality food-grade raw materials on the market today, including EDTA chelated micro-nutrients
to maximize foliar absorption.

MICROPAC has buffering capabilities in the spray tank solution, and its pH keeps problematic alkaline spray tank solutions in check. Buffering spray solutions is important to plant health and alkaline spray tank solutions can quickly reduce pesticide activity.

MICROPAC works for you.

Features and Benefits:

  • Highly effective 11-8-5 NPK foliar fertilizer with an added micronutrient package

  • High quality food-grade nutrient ingredients are used in Mic-Ro-Pac to minimize mixing problems and improve plant health

  • Micronutrients are chelated with EDTA to improve absorption and utilization

  • Highly recommend to use with all spray applications of herbicide, fungicide, and insecticide

  • Lowers solution PH for better performance

  • Foliar application for all crops, lawn and turf, greenhouse and ornamentals


ProSoil TOP 3 Advanced Foliar Feed (More...)

Enhance crop health and fruit set consistency.


Foliar Feed!
ProSoil has now combined 3 proven Foliar feed technologies into 1 product. Using our fully cultured and enzymatic process from Triple 3 we have also added 90 naturally occurring Ocean derived minerals along with a high quality Phosphoric Acid. Results in the field over the past 2 seasons have seen significant improvements in plant health and more advanced fruit set with plants retaining more fill throughout the growing season. Recommended application rate is 16 oz. per acre. Talk to your ProSoil representative about the best timing opportunities for various crops.

  • Triple 3 technology

  • 90 Ocean derived minerals

  • High Quality Phosphoric Acid


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