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Carbon Micronutrient Soluable Package

Adding carbon to the soil is critical to restoring health to the soil by increasing the organic matter content. Producers in today’s modern agricultural systems are working with soils that contain far less carbon than our soils originally contained prior to the implementation of modern agriculture. All of our soils are now degraded. The good news is we now know how we can regenerate our soils and put the carbon back in the soil. So why is carbon so important? It’s the building block for soil health. As you increase the carbon content, you begin to improve the aggregate stability. These aggregates are formed by excretions from the soil microbes, which begin to stabilize the soil particles into larger aggregates. This provides the home for all the soil microbes living in these aggregates.

The carbon, nutrient, and water cycles in a healthy soil are all interrelated. In order for these cycles to perform to the best of their abilities, the soil must contain all of the necessary ingredients. If the soil is lacking carbon, the nutrient and water cycles are unable to perform to their highest abilities.


Monty’s Liquid Carbon is a soil conditioner designed to reduce soil compaction and improve overall soil health.  It can be easily applied all year round, especially during pre-chemical application or burn down. Liquid Carbon enhances micronutrient uptake and breakdown of plant residue. Improve the health and vitality of your soil and maximize your yields with Monty’s Liquid Carbon.
  Reduces soil compaction   Improves overall soil health   Easy application during burn down   Enhances micronutrient uptake   Enhances breakdown of plant residue   Tank-mix flexibility for year-round use   Available in 2.5, 30, 275 gallon – and bulk
ACTIVE INGREDIENTS Soil Amending Ingredients: 

Organic Carbon ............................1%

Humic Acid ................................2%

Derived From: brown coal

APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS Apply at varying rates depending on purpose or desired result. For general soil conditioning, apply 2 quarts per acre directly to soil in fall and early spring. May also be applied at the same rate at pre-plant, planting, or for residue management. Apply 1 quart per acre when foliar applying with liquid nitrogen or other fertility products

Monty’s Dri-Carbon offers the same benefits growers have relied on from Monty’s Liquid Carbon, only in a granulated product.
 Enhanced micronutrient uptake Improved soil-moisture retention Catalyst for microbial activity Readily soluble with moisture
Available in 50 and 2,000 lb sizes.  


Active Ingredients:

Humic Acid ................................  49% – 36%

Organic Carbon  Derived From: Brown Coal

GENERAL APPLICATION Applied at 10 pounds per acre.  Can be applied with dry fertilizer.  For crop specific application information, contact your sales representative.


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