Buncha Bugs® is a natural consortium of beneficial soil microbes. This highly concentrated solution can be added directly to the soil, used foliar, added to liquid starter fertilizer programs, or impregnated on dry fertilizer granules. These microbes are selected for their function, hardiness, and synergistic qualities in the rhizosphere.

  • Increase available N, P, K, and micronutrients in the soil

  • Phosphate releasing microbes increase natural phosphorus uptake

  • Nitrogen fixing microbes increase available nitrogen

  • Enhances overall plant health via rhizosphere microbial activities

  • Enhances growth of many leafy vegetables and root crops

Application Rate:

Planter application: 16 oz per acre
Broadcast application: 16 oz per acre

Build organic matter fast with Residue RX.

Apply this fall for better seedbeds and nutrient availability next year.

Residue RX is a consortium of bacteria and fungi that turn crop residue into organic matter. Along with breaking down crop residue, Residue RX also kickstarts the weathering processes for tied-up phosphorus in the soil.

  • Breaking down field stubble provides higher organic matter for the next growing season

  • Weathering process of the phosphorus makes it more available to the plants

Application Rate:

Broadcast application: 16 oz per acre


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