Bio-Strain is a unique package of microbial strains designed to promote early root development, plant stamina, and the overall vitality of the crop – throughout the growing season. Can be used across a wide-range of agricultural settings  Brings atmospheric nitrogen to the root area where it can  become available to the plant Can solubilize insoluble forms of phosphorus making it   available to the plant  Enhance rhizosphere activity for better root development Synergize the interactions between beneficial bacteria and  fungi to do their best work  A formulation of billions of microbes ready to help your crops  reach their full potential Available in 2.5 and 275 gallon sizes – and bulk.

Active Ingredients:

Azospirillum brasilense ...................1×107 CFU/ml

Bacillus altitudinis .......................1×108 CFU/ml

Bacillus amyloliquefaciens  ................1×107CFU/ml

Bacillus licheniformis  .....................1×107 CFU/ml

Cellulomonas cellasea  ....................1×107 CFU/ml

Pseudomonas fluorescens  .................1×107 C FU/ml

Pseudomonas putida .....................1×108 CFU/ml

Pseudomonas stutzeri  ....................1×108  CFU/ml

Streptomyces albidoflavus .................1×105 CFU/ml


GENERAL APPLICATION For best results, apply in-furrow with seed at a rate of 16-32 oz. per acre. Tank-mix flexible with most agricultural products, and can be foliar applied with chemicals and/or fertilizers. Bio-Strain can also be used as a pre-plant incorporated or preemergence soil spray at the rate of 32 oz. per acre. Foliar application rates are recommended at 16-32 oz. per acre (10-20 gallons of water). Can be applied through irrigation systems.


Biovate® is a specific blend of powerful soil and plant stimulants not found in ordinary fertilizers.


Biovate® provides a complex food source to boost microbial populations in the soil.

  • When paired with Buncha Bugs, microbial development and effectiveness is increased

  • Increasing microbial activity provides energy to developing plants

  • If soil health is a concern then Biovate® with Buncha Bugs® is a winning combination


Application Rate:

Planter application: 16 oz per acre
Broadcast application: 16 oz per acre
Foliar application: 8 oz per acre twice or 16 oz once

PS – FOUNDATION 1-0-1 (More...)


High-Volume Soil Bio Stimulant

Dramatically improve your soil's ability to work for you. 

Yield Builder!

Formulated with the intention to greatly stimulate key plant growth centers, especially within our soils, PS-FOUNDATION™ (1-0-1) is a plant and soil nutrient concentrate consisting of quality fertilizers, vitamins, enzymes, organic acids, chelated trace minerals, humates, kelp and a powerful non-ionic surfactant-compatible.

ProSoil TOP 3 Advanced Foliar Feed (More...)

Enhance crop health and fruit set consistency.


Foliar Feed!
ProSoil has now combined 3 proven Foliar feed technologies into 1 product. Using our fully cultured and enzymatic process from Triple 3 we have also added 90 naturally occurring Ocean derived minerals along with a high quality Phosphoric Acid. Results in the field over the past 2 seasons have seen significant improvements in plant health and more advanced fruit set with plants retaining more fill throughout the growing season. Recommended application rate is 16 oz. per acre. Talk to your ProSoil representative about the best timing opportunities for various crops.

  • Triple 3 technology

  • 90 Ocean derived minerals

  • High Quality Phosphoric Acid

Triple 3 (Vital Boost) 3-3-3 (More...)

High-Volume Plant and Soil Bio-Stimulant

Energize your crops with Micro-nutrients, vitamins & Enzymes

Foliar Feed!
Triple 3 Vital Boost™ (3-3-3) is a high-quality, liquid, foliar-nutrient spray for actively growing plants. Specially developed for use in conjunction with PS-Foundation 1-0-1, Triple 3 Vital Boost™ is a natural bio-catalyst that stimulates plant growth and enhances the effects of fertilizer. Used together, the two products greatly enhance the overall biological benefits and yield potential of almost any crop. Triple 3’s concentrate includes quality fertilizers, enzymes, chelated trace minerals and a powerful non-ionic
surfactant for maximum uptake by the plant when applied as a foliar feed.


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